Data Recorder is the data acquisition and monitoring software. It has a capability that can collect any type data from automation devices via S7 MPI, S7 PPI, Modbus RTU and OPC Client modules. The collected datas saved to the SQL Server. PLEASE TRY OUR SCADA SOFTWARE WINTR. OUR SCADA SYSTEMS

This program was halted sales.

Until 4 GB uses SQL Server is completely free. The customers who need bigger database need to purchase SQL Server separately. Saved and real time data can be monitored at the chart section as a real time or historical presentation. As well as saving data to the SQL server, you can import data to Excel. Monitoring purposed Data Recorder can send a data to automationdevices at same time. Data sending operations manualy made on the ActiveXs under the Connection Manager.

Our software directly supports Modbus RTU, S7 MPI, S7 PPI. You can use OPC Server for other protocols. You can connect all PLCs via OPC Server. At same time Data Recorder can connect 10 OPC Server. OPC Server may be at the local computer or different computer.Because of high graphical capability Data Recorder should be run on high performance computers. Minimum computer configuraion should be 1 GB RAM and 1 GHZ CPU.


Data recorder can be used unlimitedly by purchasing only one licence . It can be used as server and client. Clients can connect to server on Internet. You can reach Data Recorder datas Internet browsers. All you need to do is reach to database over Internet.
You can create statistical datas with Analysis module. This module executes queries and transfers the results to the table. You can export this table to Excel as well. You can save and reuse created queries for statistics. You can find many document about SQL queries on Internet.
You will be warned when your monitored and saved datas exceeds limit values. Two button on the toolbar become visible. At warnings warning button at alarms alarm button. At same time “beep” sound generated. You can list historical alarms. You can export alarm list to the Excel. You can create functions that will run when alarm created or gone. You can transfer specific values to the tags or send email and sms also.


This software has very wide usage area. Various data from your facility can be saved. You don’t need to write single line of code. You can monitor many data from electricity, natural gas to temperature, level, or pressure. You can monitor and save data at test systems. You can reduce data collect period to the 10 milisecond. (Depends on the communication modules speed.)


Full Licence 300 Usd. Buy now!

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