Focus Hmi Software

HMI Software

Focus HMI program works on all operating systems. You can use it as a SCADA program for Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Armbian, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi. You can use it for free to program Fultek HMI panels. It is paid when used as Linux SCADA, Debian SCADA, Ubuntu SCADA, Armbian SCADA, Raspberry Pi SCADA and Orange Pi SCADA. For Fultek HMI models, visit our HMI page.

Focus HMI Program Features

  • Focus HMI works on all operating systems running java.
  • You can learn easily thanks to its extremely user-friendly interface.
  • You can design your screens with java’s unique color management and transparent objects.
  • You can group objects and speed up your work with batch processing.
  • With four different container panel objects, you can use the screen much larger than it is.
  • You can use Chart, Gauge, Alarm, Recipe objects and many more special objects.
  • The event view saves and reports all of the operator’s movements.
  • You can create, print and read a barcode on the screen.
  • With Fulmatic 7 PLCs, you can connect via Ethernet or serial port by typing the variable address directly.
  • One HMI can communicate with thousands of PLCs at the same time. Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP / IP, Profinet (Siemens), Hostlink (Omron), Fins Ethernet (Omron).
  • Focus HMI can share all values ​​in the tag table with third devices with the Modbus TCP / IP Slave feature. Bidirectional reading and writing can be made.
  • With the “Write Only” option in Modbus TCP / IP master communication, you can use it in distributed systems without the requirement of static IP. It will only be sufficient for the SCADA station in the center to have a static IP.
  • You will find Alarm and Recipe management far beyond what you are looking for in the Focus HMI program.
  • With Schedule, you can schedule and run many processes.
  • You can write scripts with Java code and run them in specified situations. Supports all java commands. If you wish, you can create your own forms.
  • You can save the history of the tags in SQLite databases. With SQLite queries, you can filter the recorded data according to the conditions you specify, create reports, save them automatically to disk and transfer them to USB memory. Millions of historical values ​​can be stored on disk. And you can limit the amount of this data.
  • You can download the report files saved with the Webserver feature without going near the HMI. Or you can dynamically generate reports with internet browsers.
  • With the Webserver feature, you can monitor the HMI screen instantly from your mobile phone, tablet and computer with internet browser programs.
  • You can monitor alarms remotely with the Webserver feature.
  • You can create and authorize as many users as you want at 256 different levels.

Installing and Running

Version History: 04.05.2023 Version 1.3.7

04.05.2023 Version 1.3.7 Selectable theme feature has been added.

28.03.2023 Version 1.3.6 Fixed a bug that stopped communication.

27.12.2022 Version 1.3.5 Mass improvements have been made.

11.11.2022 Version 1.3.4 Added TLS enable to mail sending code.

30.09.2022 Version 1.3.3 Screen change feature from PLC has been added.

05.09.2022 Version 1.3.2 The ability to hide the taskbar has been added.

06.12.2021 Version 1.2.9 Mass improvements have been made. Screen opening speeded up.

08.11.2021 Version 1.2.7 Added six digit Modbus address system.

15.10.2021 Version 1.2.6 Performance improvement has been made. Some bugs fixed.

31.05.2021 Version 1.2.5 Added unit and decimal place selection for digital panel.

03.05.2021 Version 1.2.4 Automatic scaling of the pictures has been provided.

11.04.2021 Version 1.2.3 Performance improvement has been made. Some bugs fixed.

20.01.2021 Version 1.1.5 Graphic zoom and Web Server feature has been added. Report queries have been improved.

07.01.2021 Version 1.1.4 It has been provided to work on different Java versions. Alignment of grouped objects is improved.

31.12.2020 Version 1.1.3 Toolbar added to chart object.

22.12.2020 Version 1.1.2 Some improvements have been made. A boot problem has been resolved.

09.12.2020 Version 1.1.1 Some improvements have been made. Mail sending function has been added. Read this article for mailing.

28.09.2020 Version 1.1.0 Buzzer has been added. System clock set function has been added. Collective improvements have been made.

16.09.2020 Version 1.0.7 Horizontal or vertical use of the screen is provided. Some bugs fixed.

07.09.2020 Version 1.0.4 Resizing feature added to images. Some bugs have been fixed.

24.08.2020 version 1.0.2 Help page added. Some bugs fixed.

  • For the Focus HMI program to run, you must have Java 11.0.8 or higher installed on your computer. You can download Java from here.
  • After Java installation is complete, you can install the Focus HMI program. You can download the Focus HMI program from here.

Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi Installation

  • You must have JAVA and JAVA FX installed on your device.
  • To install Java, you must connect your device to the internet and run this code on the command line. sudo apt-get install default-jdk
  • Java FX kurulumu için bu kodu komut satırında çalıştırın. sudo apt install openjfx
  • You can transfer Firmware with the Focus HMI program you run on your computer. See the picture below.

License Fees

  • Fultek HMI panels do not require a license. You can use all the features at no cost.
  • Focus HMI is charged according to the number of tags. It doesn’t matter whether tags are internal or external.
  • You can use up to 10 tags for free. When more tags are used, the runtime will shut down after 60 minutes.
  • The license is for a single device. It cannot be used on a device other than the one in which it was activated.
  • Unfortunately, if the device on which the license was activated breaks down, your license will be lost. And you have to re-purchase a license for your new device.
Tag NumberOperating SystemPrice (USD)
100Linux based100
500Linux based250
1000Linux based500
5000Linux based1000
10000Linux based1500
UnlimitedLinux based5000