Scada Systems


WinTr Scada Systems version 5.0.0 feature:

1. All Scada System functions upgraded, tested and performances increased. Many Scada System features updated unlimitedly.

2. Shutdown command added. Operators can shutdown the Scada System completely with this command without exposing the development page.

3. The feature that allows running projects on the small screens which intended for bigger   screens has added.

4. Multiple Screen Designer has added which allows working on multiple screens simultanously.

Multi Screen

5. Screen Designer performance increased. Copy/Paste feature updated. Object moving speed increased.

6. Second runtime function has added for allow to work on the development while Runtime active.

7. Properties window added for accessing all functions of Chart and Gauge.


8. At runtime the feature of inserting and removing series to the chart has added.

Chart Series

9. The feature which shows serie value when mouse over has added.

10. Operator event list has added. It saves all operator actions at runtime. Records can be accessed by Report Module and Eventview object. Eventview object has two mode as local and remote. It shows another scada project’s records when it remote. You can make records more understandable using tooltips on page objects.


11. Hidden button feature added. You can create invisible buttons by using these buttons as a invisible.

12. ActiveX and .Net component feature added. You can use 3rd party softwares in the Scada System. It is very important feature. You can create your own objects if scada objects are not capable. You can bind object’s all Event, Property and Methods to tags. We are developing objects for the customers. Please ask for required objects. We’ll set up a site for the objects soon.


13. Column names of the Recipie and Alarm objects now can be modified.

14. Alarms has added to database. All alarm events recording to the database. You can reach alarm data via report module. Database search and data fetch functions has added to Alarmview.

Alarm Report

15. Alarms can be examined according to another tags as well as constants.

16. Sound recording function has added. Recorded sounds or sound files can be called as a function. These sounds can be played when alarm occurred or when it gone.

17. Alarm print function has added. The alarm can be printed as a line by line or just it’s selected part when it is occurred or when it gone.

18. Alarm Acknowledge function can be run according to date time value. Thus alarm occurence time can be recorded.

19. Runtime performance increased. Page changing performance increased CPU usage reduced.

20. Report module upgraded. Asynchronize report module prevents slowing the scada when getting big reports.

21. Reports can be work which are located on close screens.

22. Excel file can be created for the all functions even excel not installed on the computer.

23. Multiple selection function has added for Tag list.

24. The function for exporting and exporting tag list to excel has added. With this feature tags can be created much faster at big projects. You can write explanation files for the Scada System Tags.

25. Tag calibration function added. You can create many copy of the scaled main tag. Each one can  have different scale value. Main tag’s value changes when value changed at scaled copy.


26. Opc client module remade.  Can connect to all opc server versions.

27. Database Timeout can be modified.

28. Database default Server name, user name and password can be changed.

29. Database unlimited table usage feature added. Any tag can be recorded to any table.


30. Server Client performance incresed. Now regular computer can send 10000 tag value to 10 client. Unlimited client can connect to server. One client can connect 1000 different server.

31. Allowed client IPs feature added for the server. Other IP connections rejected. All IP adresses can be allowed as well.

32. The Client event list added which works according to selection.  Client data that changes the server’s tag recorded to database. Thus it can be recorded that which client changed tag value.


33. Webserver protected by username and password. It’s performance increased also.

34. Webserver and  popup screen numbers increased unlimitedly. Computer performance is the only limitation.

Web server

35. Two new type sms sending method added. You can send sms via Skype or Script. You need a membership from the companies that sends over servers if you send it via script.

36. You can work on multiple scripts simultaneously. It is only required create a new script writer.

37. Scripts are used to work synchroniously. Now it works asynchroniously. Because of the huge operations,  another programs, hardware issues long time taking scripts can be used safely.

Script Writer

38. Two array added for accessing tags from the scripts. TagNameTable, TagValueTable. These arrays gets tag’s name and tag’s value. The value that written to TagValueTable array is written to Tag.

39. 10 objects added for moving objects between Scripts. WinTrScadaObject_1– WinTrScadaObject_10. You can bind scripts with these objects. For example you can move and read/write the serial port that opened in script 1 to script 2. Object count looks like limited to 10 but it is unlimited. You can put millions object within one object via ArrayList function. Many advantages can be gained by using it with ActiveX functions. For example the objects that created by script like form and all objects can be placed in Scada System pages.

40. Access of group values of the Plc communication objects within the script allowed. Thus group values can be changed while plc’s communicationg at runtime. For example in a system that contains many energy analyzer we can read instant current, voltage data rapidly for each analyzer and read other values once in a hour. We can read values rapidly when one analyzer selected read others slowly. Thus we can modify tag access speed according selected page.

41. At Modbus RTU/TCP-IP Master modul if the station cannot be read for the first time it may skip next time according to selection. Thus closed stations will not slow the network.

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